Assistance for Lowry Grove Residents

Thanks to Pastor Sarah Lawton of Northeast United Methodist Church ( for passing along the following information for those wishing to assist the Lowry Grove mobile home park residents, who are to vacate June 30, 2017, as discussed at our June Neighborhood Meeting:

Money or moving materials or support may be donated through the church’s web site:

You may submit money online or write a check with the designation: Lowry Grove.

You may also which to donate money to this organization helping the residents:

And this message comes from one of the Saint Anthony Village Leaders posting on the “I heart NE” Facebook page:

“Hi Folks, our neighbors in Lowry Grove all need to be out by June 30th. There’s a need for help with moving supplies – packing tape, garbage bags, and Home Depot or Target gift cards. If you’d like to help donate these items, you can drop off at my place: 2513 30th Ave. Please message me if you’d like to help in other ways (helping move, etc). Thanks!”

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