Call for Artists RFP, May 2019

Windom Park Citizens in Action (WPCiA) is embarking on a neighborhood improvement project aimed at showcasing local artists through utility wrap art. The artwork will be applied to traffic control boxes with high-quality vinyl and is designed to transform the boxes from functional infrastructure into colorful and inspired works of art. Additionally, this project will reduce the instances of graffiti in the neighborhood as wrapped boxes are more easily cleaned. Through this process we wish to highlight local artistic talent from the Windom Park and NE Minneapolis areas.

Artists will receive a stipend of $500 for each design or design collection chosen.


  • Artists, students, and schools are encouraged to apply.
  • This opportunity is open to everyone, however Windom Park residents will be preferred.
  • Artists may apply in teams or as individuals.
  • Windom Park Citizens in Action staff, board members, and their family members are ineligible to apply.

Artwork Locationclick here for map – additional locations may be added

Lowry Ave NE & Johnson St NE
Lowry Ave NE & Hayes St NE
Lowry Ave NE & Stinson Parkway NE
Johnson St NE & 23rd Ave NE
Johnson St NE & 18th Ave NE

Arthur Street NE & 18th Ave NE is not included due to scheduled roadworks in 2020. Winning designs may be applied to this location following the completed construction.

Submission Guidelines & Design Considerations

  • Actual size of utility boxes may vary. Selected artists should be prepared to coordinate with WPCiA to finalize the design.
  • The art may be representational or abstract, but may not contain advertising, religious art, sexual content, negative imagery, or convey political partisanship.
  • Designs will remain in place for 3 years with the potential for an extension based on how well the design has aged (and weathered the elements!).
  • Submitted designs must illustrate original artwork and/or graphic design.
  • All submissions must be provided digitally.  Artists may submit up to five (5) designs for consideration.

Please include the following information with your application:

  • One or two high-quality digital images of each entry that can be digitally modified or scaled to fit a variety of box sizes and shapes
  • Statement describing the artwork including materials and process
  • Résumé, biography including an indication of your connection to Windom Park and/or NE Minneapolis.

Acceptance Process

All designs will be presented to the neighborhood through community events and via our website. Community members will be invited to vote for their preferred design. WPCiA reserves the right to engage additional artistic representatives outside the neighborhood (i.e. Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association) in making any final decisions.  

Artists own the copyrights to their images. Applicants may only use these images for the following informational purposes: Posting them on the internet, brochures, media, publicity or other similar non-profit publications.

Please submit materials to us at or mail your submission to 1845 Stinson Parkway NE, Suite 201 & 203; (612) 788-2192. The deadline for submissions is Sunday June 30th 2019

City of Minneapolis Utility Wrap Guide 2018 (latest version available)


WPCIA is a neighborhood-based nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with tax-exempt status. It is the city-designated citizen participation organization for this geographic area of Minneapolis, as well as the NRP (Neighborhood Revitalization Program) contracting organization for the Windom Park Neighborhood.


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