2022 Meeting Minutes

January 2022Neighborhood meeting presentation

*February 2022 – Board meeting agenda

March 2022Neighborhood minutesBoard minutes

*April 2022 – Board minutes

May 2022Neighborhood minutesBoard minutes

*June 2022 – Board minutesMonthly financial report

July 2022Neighborhood minutesBoard updateMonthly financial report

*August 2022 – Board minutes

September 2022Neighborhood Meeting MinutesNeighborhood meeting presentationBoard minutesMonthly financial report

*October 2022 – Board meeting agenda

November 2022 – Neighborhood minutes – Board minutes

December 2022 – Board minutes – Monthly financial report

*Starting in 2022, neighborhood meetings are held every other month beginning in January. Board meetings continue to be held each month.


Windom Park Citizens in Action (WPCiA) connects residents, stakeholders, and government organizations to encourage communication, engagement, and to direct the proper investment of resources to make Windom Park neighborhood the best neighborhood it can be.


Our Goals

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Develop Complete Neighborhoods – Learn more

Ensure a Clean Environment – Learn more

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