Movie in the Park!

The Goonies

This is OUR time…in Windom Park!

Catch this classic on the BIG SCREEN amongst the trees and open air. Bring a chair, a blanket, pillows, whatever you want to keep comfy while you watch Mikey, Andi, Chunk and Sloth pursue a hidden treasure…and their dreams!

Windom Park Citizens in Action will have snacks & drinks for sale for $1, but feel free to bring your own too!

Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper – $1

Fruit Snacks – $1

Fig Bars – $1

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Notice of NRP Plan Modification: Administrative Activity Contract

At its June 27 2023 Board Meeting, the WPCIA Board of Directors approved the movement of $25,000 from the Commercial Revolving Loan Fund (NRP Phase I, 2.1.C.3) to Contract COM0004164 – Administrative Activities. This action will allow expenses such as staff pay, office rent, internet/phone and supplies to be paid.

If you have any questions, concerns or input about this decision, please email us at or call 612-788-2192.

2023 Meeting Minutes

January 2023Neighborhood Meeting PresentationNeighborhood Meeting MinutesBoard Meeting Minutes

February 2023Board Meeting Minutes

March 2023 Neighborhood Meeting PresentationNeighborhood Meeting Zoom Recording (Passcode: i#q208%V) – Neighborhood Meeting Minutes – Board Meeting Minutes


Outdoor Art Gallery
Citywide Arbor Day Celebration
Windom Park NE
Friday, April 29, 2023

Windom Park Citizens in Action (WPCIA) is partnering with the Minneapolis Park & Rec Board (MPRB) to host a citywide Arbor Day Celebration. This is an annual event that the MPRB coordinates with local hosts throughout the city as a celebration of trees and our relationship to the natural habitat within our city. The event will include the planting of nearly 100 trees throughout the park and neighboring Pillsbury School, a beer garden serving NE beers sponsored by Brewing a Better Forest, tasty eats from several great local food trucks, tree climbing, a fun run via the Run for Beer Series, Ask-an-Arborist walks, bucket truck rides, loads of tree-related lawn games, the Arborists (brass band in a tree) and the Brass Messengers (New Orleans style marching band). The event will close out with an outdoor movie at dusk.

Based on past celebrations, we are planning for approximately 1,000 attendees. We would also like to have our Northeast artist community represented in this event and are making plans to have an Outdoor Art Gallery to host 8-10 artists displaying their work throughout a designated pathway. Whether paint, print, photography, assemblage, craft or other mediums, artists will be stationed near trees, park tables, pergolas or outside the park building. Attendees will be provided a simple map with artists’ names and contact info. Artists are welcome and encouraged to display art for sale.

We hope you’ll consider becoming a part of this fun and engaging community event! If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact information below.

Thomas Ebert
Community Engagement Coordinator
Windom Park Citizens in Action (WPCIA)

February 2 Open House Overview: Johnson St/I-35W-South Intersection Reconstruction

On February 2, 2023 the City of Minneapolis’ Transportation Division held an Open House to Meeting where Senior Transportation Planner, Luke Hanson and several colleagues, provided information about the project. Attached are the posters displayed at the event. Take a look!

Learn More – To find out even more about the project, click the link below to visit the project page:

Notice of NRP Plan Modification: Rain Garden Funding

At its November 2022 Board Meeting, the WPCIA Board of Directors approved the continued funding of the Rain Gardens Program which requires a plan modification to shift funds between 

Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Phase I strategies. This plan modification will be used to fund the program in 2023 and beyond. The board will identify the source strategy for the funds and vote to approve this plan modification at its December Board Meeting on December 20th at 7pm. The December Board Meeting is open to the public. 

About the Rain Gardens Program: For several years, the WPCIA has maintained a neighborhood rain garden design and build program to provide supplemental funding for residents wanting to manage the rainwater runoff on their property. This program has allowed for 8-10 rain gardens to be installed each year in Windom Park neighborhood. 
If you have any questions, concerns or general input about this matter, please email us at or call 612-788-2192.

November 15 Neighborhood Meeting Update: Johnson St/I-35W-South Intersection Reconstruction

At the November 15 2022 WPCIA Neighborhood Meeting, representatives from the City’s Public Works Department (Transportation Division) attended to present on an upcoming project at the intersection of Johnson Street NE and the on-ramp to I-35W-South. This intersection also serves as western entry to the Quarry Shopping Center.

Transportation Planner, Chris Kartheiser, along with Senior Transportation Planner, Luke Hanson, provided information about the project. Below are a few highlights, along with a project summary sheet to provide added detail.

  • Project is federally-funded with a grant awarded in 2020
  • Planning & Design phase is scheduled 2022 to 2024
  • Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024 with aim to complete in 2025
  • Pedestrian safety crossing Johnson St to and from the Quarry Shopping Center is a priority
  • Improve transit stops along Johnson St (North & South bound)
  • Pedestrian mobility from 18th Avenue southbound is a concern that might be addressed with a pathway from the SW corner of 18th & Johnson directly south through what was once Johnson St
  • If additional funding can be sourced, Johnson Street from intersection to Broadway Street may be considered for lane reduction (4 lanes > 3 lanes)

Learn More:

2022 Meeting Minutes

January 2022Neighborhood meeting presentation

*February 2022 – Board meeting agenda

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*Starting in 2022, neighborhood meetings are held every other month beginning in January. Board meetings continue to be held each month.

Change to NRP Phase II strategy language

(July 5, 2022) Public Notice: The WPCIA will be making a minor change to the text of its Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Plan. In Phase II, 3.1.B.1 (Pedestrian Crossings), “Identify key pedestrian routes and improve crossings for pedestrian safety” will be shortened to “Identify key pedestrian routes and improve pedestrian safety”. The City of Minneapolis requires that those affected by the change be notified in advance of the board of directors vote (July 26). If you have any questions or concerns, please be in touch with us at 612-788-2192 or

View the complete NRP plans and history for Windom Park here.

New goals adopted by WPCiA

(June 30, 2022) Windom Park Citizens in Action (WPCiA) is excited to announce the selection of four new priority Goals for the organization to further improve Windom Park neighborhood and NE Minneapolis in the future.

As part of the continued evolution of WPCiA, these new Goals will be used to guide our decisions, actions, and financial investments. The selection of these four Goals were finalized by the Board of Directors, but were based on community feedback and input collected in-person at the Pillsbury School PTO Carnival and online through a community survey conducted in May-June 2022.

The Board of Directors discussed and adopted the following goals at the June 2022 Board Meeting:

  • Eliminate Disparities
  • Healthy, Safe & Connected People
  • Complete Neighborhoods
  • Clean Environment

These goals are part of the broader Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan. Each goal has defined Policies that detail the ways that each Goal can be accomplished. Starting in July 2022, WPCiA will begin the process of identifying opportunities to improve Windom Park neighborhood and finding ways to achieve these Goals.

Eliminate Disparities

In 2040, Minneapolis will see all communities fully thrive regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, country of origin, religion, or zip code having eliminated deep-rooted disparities in wealth, opportunity, housing, safety, and health. Learn more.

Healthy, Safe & Connected People

In 2040, the people of Minneapolis will be socially connected, healthy, and safe. Learn more.

Complete Neighborhoods

In 2040, all Minneapolis residents will have access to employment, retail services, healthy food, parks, and other daily needs via walking, biking, and public transit. Learn more.

Clean Environment

In 2040, Minneapolis will have healthy air, clean water, and a vibrant ecosystem. Learn more.

We invite residents, property owners, business owners, renters, and stakeholders to join us in making Windom Park and the City of Minneapolis the best place it can be.



Windom Park Citizens in Action (WPCiA) is a 501c3 non-profit that serves as the voice of Windom Park neighborhood in Northeast Minneapolis. It is the city-designated citizen participation organization for this geographic area of Minneapolis, as well as the neighborhood's contracting organization for the city's Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP).

Our Goals

  1. Eliminate Disparities – Learn more
  2. Encourage Healthy, Safe & Connected People – Learn more
  3. Develop Complete Neighborhoods – Learn more
  4. Ensure a Clean Environment – Learn more

» Read more about how we selected these goals.