Get Involved


Please let us know if there is a project or topic on which you would like to become involved.

WPCiA meetings are open to all and held at accessible locations.


We have ongoing needs for WPCiA volunteers.

We welcome volunteers at all of our meetings. Just show up and join in the discussions! Committee membership is open to all residents, property owners and businesses in the neighborhood.

Contact us at if you’d like to volunteer for any of the above opportunities.


Have a question or comment regarding the neighborhood that we can address at a future monthly WPCiA meeting? Or, is there something or somebody in the neighborhood you’d like to highlight? Then we want to hear from you!

Please send us ( your community questions, comments or concerns, and we will do our best to address them.


Sign up for our “Neighborhood Update” E-Mail Newsletter for periodic updates from WPCiA.

Just send us an e-mail at with “subscribe” in the subject line. (We do not share your e-mail addresses with anyone.)


WPCiA elects members of the Board of Directors at our annual meeting, which is held the third Tuesday in November of each year. We welcome your interest in serving on the neighborhood board – please contact us to learn more!

Board members can help shape the community’s goals, act as an ambassador in neighborhood communication and assist in the creation of Windom Park projects and programs. Any adult who lives, works or owns property in the Windom Park neighborhood can become a board member. All those who have attended at least one general neighborhood meeting from November through October are eligible to serve on the board. (Adults from the neighborhood who live, work or own property here are all eligible to vote at our general meetings.) Take pride in your community and become a board member.
Contact us at if you’d like to get involved with WPCiA!


WPCIA is a neighborhood-based nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with tax-exempt status. It is the city-designated citizen participation organization for this geographic area of Minneapolis, as well as the NRP (Neighborhood Revitalization Program) contracting organization for the Windom Park Neighborhood.