November 15 Neighborhood Meeting Update: Johnson St/I-35W-South Intersection Reconstruction

At the November 15 2022 WPCIA Neighborhood Meeting, representatives from the City’s Public Works Department (Transportation Division) attended to present on an upcoming project at the intersection of Johnson Street NE and the on-ramp to I-35W-South. This intersection also serves as western entry to the Quarry Shopping Center.

Transportation Planner, Chris Kartheiser, along with Senior Transportation Planner, Luke Hanson, provided information about the project. Below are a few highlights, along with a project summary sheet to provide added detail.

  • Project is federally-funded with a grant awarded in 2020
  • Planning & Design phase is scheduled 2022 to 2024
  • Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024 with aim to complete in 2025
  • Pedestrian safety crossing Johnson St to and from the Quarry Shopping Center is a priority
  • Improve transit stops along Johnson St (North & South bound)
  • Pedestrian mobility from 18th Avenue southbound is a concern that might be addressed with a pathway from the SW corner of 18th & Johnson directly south through what was once Johnson St
  • If additional funding can be sourced, Johnson Street from intersection to Broadway Street may be considered for lane reduction (4 lanes > 3 lanes)

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