Windom Park Bylaws Update 2021

(November 16, 2021)
In conjunction with a funding model change, Windom Park Citizens in Action board of directors has authorized a vote to adopt new bylaws for the organization.

We will be reviewing the current bylaws and the proposed bylaws at a public Neighborhood Meeting on November 16, 2021 conducted via Zoom. In accordance with the update & amendment rules in our current bylaws, we will need to have at least 15 members of the organization to form a quorum and will need a 50+1% majority to approve the changes.

Current bylaws can be found here.

Proposed bylaws can be found here.

Proposed bylaws were drafted based on the template document provided by Birken Law Firm PLLC in conjunction with City of Minneapolis as part of the Neighborhoods 2020 model. In drafting the new bylaws, Windom Park Citizens in Action referred to current bylaws for a majority of the language and rules.

Major changes in proposed bylaws:

Includes language for Member Grievance Procedure
Clarifies and adds language for meeting types and procedures
Removes requirement to conduct meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order
Includes clear language for hiring staff, contractors, and volunteers
Removes requirement of monthly neighborhood meetings


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