Small Area Plan Documents

WPCiA is nearing completion of the Windom Park Neighborhood Small Area Plan (SAP). This important document will provide direction for the neighborhood and the City of Minneapolis for the coming years on topics such as land use, zoning, transportation, parking, commercial area revitalization, density, and gateways. We thank all of you who provided input, answered our surveys, attended meetings, and served on the Steering Committee!

Please note that on Jan. 23, 2018, after considering the many comments on the SAP and motions made by neighbors attending the Jan. 16 neighborhood meeting, the Board of Directors voted to remove the Johnson Street opportunity site from the plan. Also removed are references to rezone the neighborhood to R3 (higher-density residential); instead, the document will express a preference that zoning in the neighborhood remains “as is.” As soon as final revisions are made to the document by our planning consultant, WPCiA will forward it to the City of Minneapolis for review and incorporation into the city’s Comprehensive Plan. We will post the final version here as soon as it is available.

Please note that WPCiA encourages you to also let the City of Minneapolis know via its Comprehensive Plan “Minneapolis 2040” process that you support the revised Windom Park Neighborhood Small Area Plan and wish to have it incorporated into “Minneapolis 2040.” Your neighbor volunteers have worked for over two years seeking community input, conducting surveys, holding community engagement sessions, working with a special consultant, conferring with city staff, listening to neighbors, revising and ultimately creating a plan for this specific area of Minneapolis. Don’t let your own community’s voice and hard work be stifled. Comments are due to the city by July 22, 2018.


You can access the draft documents by downloading Volume 1 (draft) and Volume 2 (draft) here (approximately 11 MB each.

Other Key Milestones:

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